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Soleil Glo

Soleil Glo
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Soleil Glo is a teeth whitening system that promises to give you whiter teeth in just 14 days. Does it really give you professional results at home? Find out today in our review.

The busy schedule everyday often leads to ignorance with the health of teeth, which usually causes various dental issues such as yellow teeth and cavity. However, you may overcome the issues of yellow teeth through enameling or layering but that seriously affects the teeth root as well as its shape. Longer ignorance is enough to ask for regular visit at dentist’s clinic for teeth whitening prospective but unless you quit bad stuff eating, the problem would arrive again. Despite of making the investments to those dentist clinics it would be better to go for some home based teeth whitening techniques such as Soleil Glo of South Africa.

The product has been abuzz over internet that is usually a teeth whitening tray used as artificial whitening solution that lasts for long duration. The conventional procedures through this device are relatively safe and priced exclusively to afford for all individuals with ease. Scientists have further explained the importance of this teeth whitening device in a short review mentioned below the line, have a look below for more information….

Soleil Glo Teeth whitening Kit: an Introduction

Soleil Glo is a Teeth whitening Kit that works to perform for instant teeth whitening, which is compared far exclusive compared to dentist treatment. Without disturbing enamel of teeth it is easy to fit device that could be applied inside teeth, with no discomfort or pain caused. The device is approved by food and drug administration that works on latest LED technology and activated gel tray, which needs to be used together to get the visible results. According to creators if the device is used consistently it would deliver sparkling white teeth in just 14 days of time.

Coffee, tea and excess smoking are the key factors that cause yellow appearance of teeth by putting up the stain particles on teeth. Whitening applicator helps to break the plaque and remove the stain particles, to deliver instant teeth whiteness. The box of whitening system includes of teeth tray, UV accelerator and whitening gel, which saves around $100 of dental expenses.

How Does it Works?

At first stage you need to know that Soleil Glo comes along with a box kit whitening gel, teeth tray and UV accelerator. The working process starts simply with the switching of LED light and placing the gel tray inside the teeth while fitting it with a clamp. You need to simply drop the UV accelerator over front portion of mouth and turn it on, the light emission process gets spread to all portion of teeth to cause the removal of yellow appearance teeth. The gel generally includes of zinc oxide as well as titanium dioxide that allow for whitening process of teeth. The device comes along with replaceable batteries that make it exclusive to carry it everywhere and change the battery to resume its functioning.

Components of Soleil Glo


  • UV Light Accelerator: This component is LED light emitter that is used for activating the gel used for whitening of teeth.
  • Whitening Gel: Consists of ferrous gluconate and titanium dioxide that is held for whitening process, which gets penetrated to enamel of teeth and makes its visibility clear day by day.
  • Teeth Tray: It is the device available in kit that is used to fit it through clamp on the teeth region. It comes along with a flexible design that could be adjusted according to teeth shape.

Will it be safe or not to use?

Soleil Glo simply works on LED technology and activated gel that is all easy and safe to put under the teeth. The use of this device does not cause any pain or irritation and even is friendly to skin surface above tooth. The product has been researched and tested by various experts and is recommended to be used as most economical and satisfying tooth whitening device. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has also approved this product and listed it as safe to use for all age group.

The users who have used this device have explained some exclusive benefits that they received and never complained about any negative effects received. You would now be able to get attention and eye of millions just through sparkling white teeth appearance amazingly. There are no additions made with any artificial fillers or harsh chemicals to these device components.

Visible Benefits of Soleil Glo

According to creators of Soleil Glo teeth whitening kit if it used for a consistent time basis, the result would be favorable and would arrive in form of…

  •  Enhanced quality of teeth with a sparkling white appearance more resembling a natural look.
  •  Delivers results in just 14 days of time duration only
  • Restricts the stain particles to stay away on teeth caused due to coffee, tea and excess smoking
  •  Up to 7 shades light visibility of teeth in just 2 weeks
  • Pain free and irritation free device to fit over your front mouth portion.
  • Easy to carry and comes along with replaceable battery for frequent and break free use.
  • Prevents decay of tooth as well as its enamel.
  •  Polish and brighten up the teeth with no presence of messy strips
  • Avoid additional dental expenses and helps you to save around $100.
  •  100% safe and effective results to observe every time.
  • Regain your confidence and morale with crystal white teeth.

Where to Buy?

Soleil Glo teeth whitening kit is available for sale to regions of South Africa and Australia and could be grabbed by simply clicking the above or below listed banners, to get redirected to its official website. The device comes along with a 30 day buy back guarantee and currently is sold at exceptional price discount. One complete kit includes of 5 different items and you only need to pay $32.00 for receiving your kit today. Better rush today to grab your kit since it may end soon due to high market demand and limited supply.

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