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Ears Itching: Home Remedies for an Itchy Inner Ear

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You wake up with your ears itching as you get ready for work. You have a presentation at work in a few hours, but there’s no end to the itching. In your mind, scratching your ears throughout the demonstration is an embarrassment to avoid. Time is running out, and you have no answers. What is the root cause?

It could be many factors: insufficient ear wax, swimmer’s ear, or bacterial infection. But commonplace items like olive oil and rubbing alcohol will soothe your ears. Therefore, don’t worry about calling the doctor anytime soon. I will show you some home-based treatments that will remedy ear itchiness without delay. Keep reading to get the relief you need. 

The Wonders of Aloe Vera

Aloe vera addresses skin rashes, dry skin, burns, and itchy skin. You can also take it by mouth or use it as an ointment. 

You may have dry skin from the following factors:

  • Allergies
  • Dermatitis
  • Dead skin build-up

Like the outside of your eyes, you must also take care of the outside portions of your ears.

Aloe vera will provide adequate lubrication to the inner ear and outer ear. It is also a perfect substitute if you lack sufficient ear wax.

If you have dry ears, apply two or three aloe vera drops. From there, allow it to seep out. 

Aloe vera restores pH levels in your ear canal. It also reduces swelling in severe cases.

Ears Itching Killer: Alcohol 

Excessive moisture in your ears can cause bacteria to fester. If your ear canal is itchy, you may suffer from swimmer’s ear. 

Swimmer’s ear seems like an issue for swimmers, but more non-swimmers get it more than swimmers.

To cure it, mix half rubbing alcohol with half vinegar, and place two drops in each ear. You don’t have to worry about shaking it out, as the alcohol evaporates in the ear. Further, the acidity of the vinegar minimizes bacterial growth. With that, vinegar is not a cure-all for any part of your body, especially your teeth.

If you need to maintain your teeth, visit virginianewsmiles.com/stafford-va to get an appointment.

You can apply the alcohol solution to the ear daily after showering. 

For repeat infections, you can also use a hair dryer to reduce ear moisture.

A Guide to Oil

Olive oil is a crucial component of health & wellness. If your ears have excessive ear wax, you can use olive oil to soften it. 

You can use the same olive oil in your kitchen or buy it from a health store. 

For an itchy ear canal, apply a few drops in the infected canal. Olive oil has stellar antimicrobial properties that will combat the infection.

If you don’t like the idea of olive oil, you can also use baby oil to heal the outer ear. 

The Closure

If you find your ears itching, the problem does not require a doctor visit in most cases. To prevent ear itchiness, clean your ears on a regular basis. Also, ensure that no foreign particles enter the ear canal.

There are many creams you can use to keep your skin nourished, including your ears. To get more information, contact us today to get some of the best supplements on the market.

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