Back Pain in Bed

Back Pain in Bed? Here is What You Should Do

Back Pain in Bed? Here is What You Should Do
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Back pain is a type of pain you want to deal with as soon as possible and take every possible precaution to ensure that it won’t be coming back. Besides affecting your ability to move freely during the day, the pains can keep you away throughout the night, and this will mean that you will be tired and exhausted the following day.

It is a serious problem, that if it persists, it is imperative to seek medical help so that a long-lasting solution may be found. If you have been experiencing back pains in bed, read along because we may have a few insights for you.

The causes of back pains

The causes of back pains

The number one reason for back pain is poor posture. If you normally work during the day while adopting the wrong posture at your desk, you are likely to have a problem with your back and these will manifest at night as back pains while you sleep. Poor posture makes it impossible for the intervertebral disks to be rehydrated at night, and without the proper hydration, pain is bound to be experienced due to excessive pressure on the discs.

How to prevent back pains in bed

Since the main cause of back pain in bed is poor posture, the most essential step in doing away with such pain is to work on your posture. A good tip is to adopt a different sleeping posture that will promote thorough circulation of blood to all parts of your body. For example, you can consider sleeping on the right-hand side with the knees slightly bent upwards. In this posture, the smaller and the lighter left lung are rested on the heart, and as such, there will be maximum blood flow. Other than working on your posture and sleeping position, here are a few suggestions on how you can alleviate the back pain-:

Avoid sleeping on mattresses that are too soft or too hard

Avoid sleeping on mattresses that are too soft or too hard

When you are shopping for your mattress at Tuft and Needle at Lowes, and you desire to find a mattress that will help you get some relief for your back pain, then the first tip is that you should not go for mattresses that are either too soft or too hard. When the mattress is too soft, it will make it possible for your back and hips to sag, and this will make the spine lose the right alignment leading to major pains at the back. A mattress that is too firm, on the other hand, will exert too much pressure on the joints, and this will be a big problem if you are fond of sleeping on your back or on the sides. The ideal mattress for dealing with back pains should offer you the right support and most importantly, it should be able to adapt to the contours of your body without exerting any unnecessary pressure.

Consider diet and exercise to reduce inflammation

When you have pain in the joints because of what you are eating and because you don’t exercise, you are likely to experience more pain at night, including back pain. A good strategy to help alleviate the pain would be to consider engaging in regular exercise, and also watch out what you eat.

For example, it would be a good idea to eliminate or reduce foods known to cause inflammation, and these include foods such as sugary drinks, refined bread, red meat, and fried foods. As an alternative, you should aim at eating sleep-inducing foods that will also help fight inflammation and some of these foods include fatty fish, almonds, leafy greens, olive oils and tomatoes amongst others. By just changing your diet and starting on a regular exercising regime, you will be surprised at how fast your back pain will disappear.

Consider using an adjustable base beneath your mattress

Consider using an adjustable base beneath your mattress

When you sleep in an inclined position, a lot of pressure will be relieved off your lower spine, and this may provide some relief to lower back pain. The same results can also be achieved when you raise the foot of the bed. The best way to have an inclined position on the bed is to have a bed with an adjustable base that makes it possible for you to lower or raise the bed as you adjust accordingly until you find the most comfortable position. If you don’t have a bed that you can easily adjust the incline, simply go the manual way by raising the front legs of the bed with some solid blocks, such as solid wooden blocks.

Enhance the alignment of your spine using pillows

If you wake up and you realize that you have pain in your back, this simply means that your spine was not well rested, but instead, it kept rotating throughout the night. If your best sleeping position is on your sides, consider using a pillow between your knees so that you can enhance the alignment of the spine and stop it from having any unnecessary movements while you sleep. If you are fond of sleeping on your back, consider placing a pillow at the back of your knees for better spine alignment. And if your best sleeping position is on your stomach, then use a pillow under your lower abdomen and under your hips to help the spine align better. Additionally, you should always use a pillow under your head as well.

Use mattress toppers for pressure relief

The primary use of mattress toppers is to protect the mattress and add to its lifespan, then secondly, they are supposed to make the mattresses more comfortable. If you have been experiencing back pains, using mattress toppers may be ideal for you under certain circumstances. For example, if you like to sleep on your sides, you can always use memory foam mattress pads as a means of relieving pressure from your joints and back.

These pads have the ability to conform to your body which makes it possible for the shoulders to sink and ensuring that the back is properly aligned. Those who sleep on their backs will also find such toppers useful because they will conform to the back and prevent exertion of pressure on the spine which may lead to back pains. 

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