7 Tips to Combat Knee Pain During Pregnancy
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7 Tips to Combat Knee Pain During Pregnancy

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When pain and pregnancy are used in the same line, out mind jumps towards discomfort of back or swollen feet. However, knee pain an also be mind-shattering and is one of the side effects that women have to endure. You can easily blame in on pregnancy weight gain that leads to several issues in joints while preparing you for a healthy pregnancy. Along with 9 month period, these issues are going to be extremely common that will require some sort of relief.

The best thing is that slowly knee pain will subside but still few healing tips can go a long way. We have summed up 7 best tips that can help you in keeping knee pain far away.

  • Sit whenever you can

Don’t stand on your feet for a longer period of time. This is one of the major cause of knee pain. Hence, it is essential to place your feet on a table or cushion chair whenever you can. This will help in keeping knee pain away. In addition to this, your feet will swell less and pain will be prevented as well.

  • Exercise

When you are pregnant, there is a certain restriction that one needs to follow. One such restriction is exercise. A woman is not allowed to do some heavy exercise. However, mild exercise and some yoga can help in providing strength to quadriceps muscles. These muscles are the support system to your knees. This can be an alternative to tendon and ligament lose. Even moderate walking and straight-leg raise will be fine.

  • Avoid weight gain

In pregnancy weight is not in our hand. However, on an average, an ideal weight to put up is 25 to 35 pounds if before pregnancy a woman has normal weight. However, if a woman was overweight then cut it off 10 pounds and you can only put up 15 to 35 pounds.

  • Cushioned shoes

What we wear at our feet can also cause pain to us. With the adequate arch support and padding will help in absorbing shock easily. This can be extremely helpful in the last trimester since your knee can do well with a break. Sneakers are the best recommendation for it.

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  • Knee brace

A doughnut-hole and elastic knee brace which works as a knee pain reliever. It will provide support to loose tendon and ligament. They are also easily available so you don’t have to be worried about it.

  • Acetaminophen in a small dose

Medicines are a big no during pregnancy, well, until it is recommended by a doctor. A small amount of Tylenol or acetaminophen can help you fight the pain and keep it away. It is better to avoid ibuprofen or aspirin at any cost. Just get in touch with your doctor to know the best.

  • Stick and balance diet

Food is another factor that helps in fighting a lot of health-related problems. However, you need to follow up a chart provided by a doctor to avoid unhealthy eating.

Knee pain can be difficult to keep at bay. So, make sure that you can prevent it as much as possible. Just use these simple strategies to make it through the phase with no to minimal knee pain.

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