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6 Things to Know About Sealgrinder PT

6 Things to Know About Sealgrinder PT
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As a website that is committed to improving your mind and body by providing a Navy SEAL styled workout, here are the top six things you should know about Sealgrinder PT.

1) Membership

To begin with, you can enroll for the SealGrinderPT membership plan. With this plan, you can enjoy plenty of benefits such as getting 24/7 access to daily workouts, coaching tips, and interviews. Additionally, you will also get unrestricted access to exclusive interviews with Navy SEALS, Special Forces, army, rangers, and elite athletes among others.

2) Coaching Program

Now, the role of SGPT comes in handy if you are willing to build a body that is only comparable to a Navy SEAL. SGPT provides the best solution through its Navy SEAL mind plus body workout to help you build confidence and reach your fitness goals in the long run. To achieve this successfully, SGPT will send you emails on a daily basis soon after your subscription. Speaking of the daily emails, some of the invaluable information you will receive include Navy SEAL daily workout, nutrition tips, and motivational information among others. In summary, whether you wish to train for Spartan Race, BUDS, GORUCK, or Special Forces, SGPT got you covered under one roof.

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3) Workout

Again, SGPT offers a wide range of fitness workout programs at competitive prices. Browse the Best Sellers category, and you will be amazed at the large selection of unrivaled unique training programs such as the 180-Day Training Program, SGPT 365 Total Training System, Navy SEAL Mental Training System 2.0, and the 90-Day Fueling Challenge just to mention a few.

4) Books

Interestingly, SGPT boasts a large selection of military training and warrior motivational books to satisfy all your needs. With that said, these books come in various categories such as the “Top 5 Navy SEAL Warrior Books,” “Top 5 Navy SEAL Combat Books,” “Top 5 Workout Training Books” and the “Top 5 Mental Books” just to mention a few. So, with such a wide range of motivational and fitness books, you can never miss out on your desired reading material at SGPT.

5) SGPT Online

Now, SGPT has its online platform to give you free access to a wide range of products and services based on your preferences. Whether you are looking to enroll for the entry-level or tactical training programs, this is the ideal place to visit. Besides, this online platform also provides invaluable information about the SGPT products such as the SGPT approved tactical gear and apparel.

6) SGPT Supplements

As already mentioned, SGPT is committed to improving your body and mind owing to its workouts. Therefore, the whole process entails those exercises performed by the SEALS recruits at their training base. Since their philosophy on workouts is to keep many functional movements, SGPT incorporates many CrossFit movements and SEALFit workouts. What’s more, SGPT encourages the supplementation of its workouts with those with strength bias such as shoulder press, deep heavy squats, bench press, heavy cleans, deadlifts, and deep heavy squats among others.

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