5 Tips for Beginning Your Crossfit Journey
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5 Tips for Beginning Your Crossfit Journey

5 Tips for Beginning Your Crossfit Journey
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Planning to enroll in CrossFit but you have no idea how to begin? Check out these tips for a better start to your CrossFit journey!

1. Get your workout gear ready – make sure to invest in comfortable clothes when you workout. By comfortable, it’s not just the t-shirt and shorts type, but workout clothes that are good for workouts, like gym tights and technical wear that are quick drying, Don’t forget to buy good cross training shoes. You can check out some of the best shoes on the market here at www.basictrainingsf.com/top-10-best-cross-training-shoes-for-men-and-women-2018 so you can get started on your CrossFit journey.

2. Make sure to set aside your time for the training – if you are serious in getting into CrossFit or any type of fitness program in general, it’s important that you really set a time for it. It can’t just be one of those things that you get to doing when you have the time or motivation, but when you are busy you just put it off. You need to be committed to it, even if you have to wake up early to make time to go to the box, it might be tiring, but it will be worth it in the end.

3. Don’t hesitate to ask questions – at the beginning of your CrossFit journey, you might hear unfamiliar words or jargon. From WOD, box, and terms like EMOM, etc, don’t hesitate to ask the other members or the trainers so that you will know what it stands for. When you do your tour of the box, see all the equipment, and when you get that talk about the CrossFit mindset, those are good times that you may ask questions about the fitness programme itself. When doing the workout, don’t hesitate to ask for advice if you are unsure how to go about it. It’s better to ask the questions now than find yourself suffering from any injury because you did not to the program properly.

4. Be realistic with your goals – when beginning your fitness program with CrossFit, you will have set a goal for yourself, whether it’s to lose weight or to train for a marathon, you will still need to be realistic with your time frame. It will take hard work and patience. You will need to be consistent. Don’t let the personal achievements of others intimidate you. There are no shortcuts to fitness and you will have to work hard for it. Don’t expect to do 100 bur pees on your first week, just go gradual and you will see improvements in your personal record as time goes by.

5. Have fun – many people who are avid CrossFit fans have always said that the fitness program is not easy. It will push you to your limits and there may be days when you will wonder why you got into it in the first place. But these same people will tell you that one thing that CrossFit is, is that it has made workouts fun. Not only do the workouts vary every session, but you also get to meet and bond with your group who have the same goal as you do.

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