5 Symptoms of Nerve Pain

5 Symptoms of Nerve Pain

5 Symptoms of Nerve Pain
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Nerves are the small tissues that facilitate communication between the various parts of your body. These tissues are actually the ones that issue commands to your body. For instance, when someone touches you in the arm, it’s your nerves that detect the feeling and cause you to react either positively or negatively. Similarly, when you are involved in heavy work that causes your muscles to strain too much, it’s the nerves that send a signal to the brain that is interpreted to mean that you need to take a break.

Unfortunately, these nerves get damaged as we go on with our day to day activities. Most people can’t tell when their nerves have been injured. This is because nerve pain doesn’t manifest itself like other kinds of pains. In fact, the symptoms are not easy to uncode. If you experience the symptoms outlined below, you could be suffering from nerve pain.

  1. Lack of Pain When Injured

Lack of Pain When Injured
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Like mentioned earlier, the nerves are responsible for sending signals across your body. But when these cells have been damaged in one way or another, you might place your hand or feet on an extremely hot surface and not feel any pain. This is because your nerves have been torn to make it difficult for them to deliver signals to your brain. Nerves actually function like telephone cables; when either of the cables is cut, you can’t make or receive calls. Such a problem can be remedied by taking over the counter supplements. But before you buy them, you should first read a detailed guide on supplements for nerve repair.

  1. Bladder Dysfunction

When you have pain in the nerve, you might start going to the toilet more often. This problem is caused by the miscommunication that happens between the bladder and the brain. In other words, the bladder sends signals that are not true to the brain that make you feel like going to the toilet to empty the bladder. And when you really go, you realize that there is very little or no urine at all. Women who have just given birth normally and people suffering from diabetes are more vulnerable to this problem. The problem can only go away when the nerves have been repaired.

  1. Numbness

Numbness is usually experienced in the legs, feet and hands. The numbness happens when your muscles have been pressed too much. In fact, this symptom is often experienced when sleeping. This is because you might lie down in an uncomfortable position that causes your weight to be distributed unevenly. For instance, when sleeping on one side, placing your head on your arm for an extended duration might make that particular hand to get numb. But there are instances when numbness is experienced even when you are just seated on a chair. If this symptom persists, you should see a doctor right away.

  1. Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual arousal causes a man’s penis to rise to the occasion. For such a reaction to take place, there are signals that are sent to the brain from the skin that tell the penis it’s time to have sex. When a man has damaged some of his nerves, the resulting pain may cause his penis not to get erect. Failure to get an erection means that penetrative sex can’t happen. This dysfunction is caused by nerve endings that are incomplete due to an injury or an illness such as diabetes.

  1. Too Much or Very Little Sweat

There are nerves that send signals from the sweat glands to the brain. The sweat glands release sweat when the rate of metabolic processes increase to help the body regulate the resulting heat. This happens when you workout vigorously in the gym or carry heavy stuff.  In case you start sweating extremely even when you are just idle, there could be a problem in your nerves that’s causing the wrong interpretation of signals. On the other hand, nerve pain can cause you to sweat very little when you should be sweating too much like when you run on the treadmill.  

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