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Weight loss contests are a good way of incorporating support and adding some little good spirited competition to aid in the weight loss efforts. The ideas for such contests are barely countable and finding one that suits you and your colleagues needs consideration of many factors, ranging from physical health of each of the participants to their mental and emotional status throughout the contest.

Lack of motivation is a major inhibitor to getting rid of fat.  Having someone support you throughout the course of the weight loss challenge will be a big boost for motivation. Providing some specific reward for weight loss by giving someone real benefits for their efforts also motivates participants, and engaging in a contest can be the best way of achieving that.

Here are five awesome contest ideas which can benefit you, your family, coworkers or colleagues, when implemented in 2019!  


Getting involved in a team contest is a great way to have others holding you accountable for your performance.  Knowing that you have supporters will motivate you, especially during times when you feel like giving up and need help sticking to your goals.

Take everyone who wishes to participate, maybe at the workplace, in school or at home, break them into teams, and ensure that a team is made of at least one person from each social stratum or department for uniformity. Spell out clearly the rules to be followed throughout the exercise and weigh each individual before the start.

Provide updates on individual performance to each of the participating individuals periodically, say weekly, bearing in mind not to hurt the feelings of the lesser performers, so as to keep them on track. The competition can be judged in a variety of ways such as weekly weight loss, overall weight loss after a given period of time, and average percentage of weight lost.  At the end of the contest, offer individual or team incentives. Reward the team that has lost the most weight or the highest percentage of body weight and ,if possible, also the individuals on each team who lost the most weight. The prize should be weight loss-related such as a month’s free membership at a gym or a traveling trophy to be kept by the winners.


The realization by companies that healthy workers tend to be highly productive is a major boost to this contest idea. This can be done between competing schools, businesses, associations, churches or hospitals.

Initiate the participants to pay some registration fee at the start and the money taken to the winning team’s charity or back to the contestants after the exercise.  Hire a fitness expert or a dietitian during the exercise to provide tips and lectures to the contestants. Set some rules to be followed throughout the course of the competition, such as weight loss techniques that should be avoided.

A team can provide periodical updates, such as mailing participants, to inspire them to keep working. Have a common place to use for the weigh-in, where all members from all the teams meet and greet, rather than doing it at individual work places.  A traveling trophy can be kept at the winning team’s office the year following their victory.

Other corporate weight loss challenge ideas that can be incorporated include the biggest loser contest, which is result-oriented, miles to charity challenge (the employees’ running, biking or walking could be turned to money for the charity of their own choice), the stair climbing challenge, and the bike to work challenge.


Numerous temptations at the office, such as a colleague’s candy bowl or the vending machine, hardens sticking to your diet.  However, encouraging colleagues to join you may help get rid of the temptations quite easily. In the end, one person may win, but all of them benefit by getting healthy.

Select one person at the workplace to collect data on starting weights, final numbers, and maybe weekly weigh-ins.  Ensure that it is someone who is honest and discreet. Establish the start and the end dates, for a period of around eight to ten weeks; short enough to not let the people lose focus and interest throughout the course of the contest.

Also set specific weigh-in times, which could be a certain day of the week or every other week.  To invite participants, decide on an incentive to get your office coworkers excited, perhaps letting everyone contribute some monetary amount like $30, and then letting the winner take the jackpot.

You can also make a weight loss “bet” in the office, then choose which person(s) will lose the most weight after a designated period of time.  Decide whether the challenge will be individual or team-based, depending on the size of the office, and publicize the challenge in the company newsletter if you have one.

Create ground rules and determine the overall winner by percentage of weight loss rather than the total pounds lost since heavier people will automatically be at an advantage, as they can lose weight more quickly.  To discourage competitors from using unhealthy weight loss techniques, such as starvation, use of laxatives, water pills, and diet pills, provide a ban on them. Post standards as the percentage lost, rather than the number of pounds lost, to assure the participants that their actual weight will not be publicized.


This challenge should be taken as voluntary.  It actually becomes effective after those unwilling at the start, mostly teens, finally see it becoming fun in due course.  Establish a goal before starting, to help keep you on track, such as new strength goals, increased physical activity or less screen time.

Select the activities to incorporate by taking turns in choosing activities or taking a vote and ensuring that everyone participating in the activity gets to contribute in making the selection. Make a plan on how you’ll be keeping track of the progress of the family as a whole, by deciding on the criteria used in measuring the progress, such as personal best records or the number of steps taken.

Try to keep the whole thing positive and discourage some participants from making fun of the efforts of others, as this may discourage the latter.  Suggested activities that go well with family members are ones such as hiking, going for a walk, taking the stairs, going for a swim or engaging in some dancing.

Parents, being role models to their children, should try as much as they can to make the whole activity fun and making healthy living important for the children follow.

Take the weights of each of the family members at the beginning and at the end of the whole activity and give the result as the percentage of weight loss.  One family member should be selected to take the data, or the whole family can as well do it as part of the fun.

Decide on a reward to give at the end.  A reward for the whole family, such as an outdoor toy, a family pool pass or a picnic at the best playground in the area, is strongly recommended to reinforce your healthy lifestyle goal.  Individual rewards can also be a strong motivator for the next challenge. Such rewards can include a nice birthday gift to the best loser or the privilege of selecting the activity for he next weight loss challenge.


Money can be considered the biggest motivator if put up as a reward for any competition.  Participants are more likely to stick to a weight loss program when they receive a good incentive, and money is arguably the best possible attraction.  Knowing that money can be made from weight loss makes the participants become more committed and work much harder for what they aim for.

This can explain the popularity of programs such as “The Biggest Loser.”  Regardless of the long-term effectiveness of this contest idea, as many people tend to lose weight in unhealthy ways, an opportunity to earn money from losing weight can be a highly effective tool.

There are numerous sites that you can use to earn real money from weight loss, such as Healthy Wage, DietBet, Walgreen’s Balance Rewards, StickK, and Achievement.  Sign up to any of the sites, agree to pay the stake once, or periodically as required. Decide on the amount of weight to lose periodically, then set the length of time you want to challenge yourself for.  Bet on yourself and start the weight loss challenge. The fact that you will earn money after hitting your target will motivate you to work harder, and in the end, you will have lost your desired number of pounds.

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