4 Things You Can Do To Prevent Nerve Damage

4 Things You Can Do To Prevent Nerve Damage

4 Things You Can Do To Prevent Nerve Damage
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Nerve damage usually happens when small tissues have been worn out due to an injury, a disease such as diabetes nutritional deficiency, or side effects of using certain treatments such as chemotherapy. When your nerves are damaged, they end up conveying the wrong signals to the brain. Sometimes they don’t even send any signal. Recovering from nerve pain can take ages because the small tissues can’t be repaired in an overnight. Those who suffer from this condition are not able to sleep at night because that’s when the nerves hurt the most. That’s why it’s recommended that you find ways of protecting your nerves from damages that cause them to ache. Below is a list of things that you should do to keep your nerves safe from nerve injury.

  1. Eating Well

Nutritional deficiency is the leading cause of nerve injury. When you don’t eat well, your nerves tend to be weaker. They can actually wear out at the slightest provocation. Even lifting heavy stuff is enough to wear them out. You should therefore make sure that you eat foods that are rich in vitamins, proteins and carbs. Proteins are actually very essential because they help in repairing nerves that are worn out.  When you eat well, you are also able to keep your blood sugar on the minimum. Since the food that we normally eat contain less quantity of the nutrients that our bodies need, it’s advisable you compliment your food consumption with supplements. This is due to the fact these supplements contain high quantities of nutrients and minerals. To buy over the counter supplements, you only need to visit www.nervepaintreatment.org and place your order.

  1. Exercise Regularly

People that don’t exercise regularly are more vulnerable to nerve injury. This is due to the fact that their muscles don’t have high tolerance to stretching as they are dormant most of the time. If your job to remain seated for many hours, it’s high time you switched to a standing desk. This is because most office chairs and desks are not designed to cater for ergonomic needs of the user. If you must use a sitting desk, you should try walking around after every hour or so. Alternatively, you can hit the gym after work to compensate for the many hours that you remained seated. Regular exercising helps in stretching the nerves and increasing the flow blood in the veins and other vessels that carry blood from heart to various parts of the body.

  1. Massage and Warm Baths

It’s important you go for massage whenever you feel like you have exposed your muscles to extreme conditions such as training vigorously or lifting heavy loads. A massage with the right oils can help in soothing your nerves. At the end of it all, the massage will leave you feeling relaxed. For best results, you should consider combining massage with a warm bath. A warm bath revitalizes deactivated nerves which in return causes improved blood circulation.

  1. Avoid Toxins

The easiest way of keeping nerve pain at bay is by avoiding toxins. For a start, you should quit smoking once and for all. The same case applies to alcohol. This is because alcohol and cigarettes contain toxins that cause your health to deteriorate with time. You should also stay away from places that have toxic chemicals to make sure you don’t inhale them through the mouth or nose. It’s also important you wear shoes before stepping out of your home because they help in protecting your feet from potential dangers.

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